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This service we provide to support you when you planning to build, renovate, refurbish, restore your new home.
This should happen thru a Registered Person so identified by the Architectural Professions Act 44 of 2000, (meaning a professional, registered Architect!) who opperates under the professional code of conduct.
- Guidance, Advise, Consulting during your house planning process
- Designing, Presentation
- Submissions for Council Approval
- Working drawings and later As built drawings for your and the Counils records
- Supervision of building work; Quality control
- Implementation of all contract documentation
- Certification and hand overs
Everything will be in accordance with the National Building Regulations SANS10400 and the Energy Efficiency thereof SANS10400-XA
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This service is purly a drafting service, where there is no designwork needed or consultation of a registered professional Architect or official Institutions (Building Council) and their submission requirements.
If you want your paper based drawings converted into digital drawings, that's where you go.
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or you don't need to book the hole show, here are details for:
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