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  • with Albrecht&Associate Architects:

1998 New Entrance to Town House, Frankfurt, Germany

2005 New Housing Development on Sonnenhof, Bergvliet, South Africa ..see more..

2005 Refurbishment/Restauration to Villa von Rothschild, 5* Hotel, Königstein, Germany ..see more..

2005 New Villa in Pukhet, Thailand

2005 New Guesthouse on Dunes, Hout Bay, South Africa

2005-07 New Terrace House in Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa ..see more..

2006 Refurbishment to Apartment in Nizza, France

2006 Refurbishment to Villa in Königstein, Germany

2006 Extension to House in Santon, Johannesburg, South Africa

2007 Refurbishment to House in Cape Town, South Africa

2007 Refurbishment/Restauration to Villa Heimfried, Königstein, Germany

2007 Refurbishment to Apartment at ITURI, Cape Town ..see more..

2007/08 New Villa, Königstein, Germany


  • with Stefan Forster Architekten:

2002 Refurbishment to Apartment Complex, An der Mole, Weimar, Germany

2003 New Apartment Complex, Voltastrasse, Frankfurt, Germany


  • with ARG Design:

2007 New Blue Downs Pool, Cape Town, South Africa

2007 Refurbishment to several SAPS Stations, Cape Town, South Africa

2008 Refurbishment/Extention to Charlie's Hope - RGHS, Cape Town, South Africa

2008-15 Phase 1 for New Transport Bus Stations for MyCiTi, Cape Town, South Africa ..see more..

2008 Green Building Assessment/Refurbishment to York Hostel, George, South Africa

2007/08 Extention to Menzies Building, UCT Cape Town, South Africa

2015 New Entertainment Park Streethouse, Windhoek, Namibia


  • private/RHA:

2005 Seclution Certification Documentation, Frankfurt, Germany

2005 Design Consultation, Bar/Lounge/Restaurant Barboia, Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa

2007 New Backpacker, Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa

2008 Extention to House in Hermanus, South Africa

2007 Refurbishment to Apartment at STRATHMORE COURT, Cape Town

2009 Refurbishment to Apartment at TREVI, Cape Town, South Africa

2015 Extention to House in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa

2016 RDP Housing for Gabon, West Africa

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