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Partial and additional services may be agreed upon, the options most regularly utilised are:


1 appointed as architectural professional and principal consultant (not as principal agent)


2 appointed as design architectural professional (design only)


3 appointed as architectural professional of record (design by others, can be principal agent)


4 appointed as principal agent only


5 appointed as architectural professional to work stage 4.1 (documentation to achieve approval only)



The following services are additional to the standard service and rank for Additional fees. These services may be added individually or in varying combinations and shall be provided by prior agreement between the client and the architectural professional:


  • 1 Special design services

  • 2 Special management services

  • 3 Special studies

  • 4 Work on existing premises

  • 5 Other Services



1 Special design services


The preparation of special designs within, or in relation to, the facilities which are contemplated in a standard service, which may include:


1.1 Rational design by other consultants - participate in the preparation of rational designs


1.2 Town planning and/or urban design including participation in the application for the establishment and/or amendment of regional and local town planning and urban design schemes and the amendment of title conditions, negotiations with interest groups and authorities


1.3 Master planning - defining and planning the layout of future development of buildings and/or services on the same site


1.4 Landscape design - participation in landscape planning and construction


1.5 Interior design - the design of interiors and the selection of furnishings, fixtures and special finishes


1.6 Liaison with special designers and specialist consultants


1.7 Purpose-made items - the design and documentation of purpose-made items


1.8 Promotional material and art work - participation in the preparation of promotional material


1.9 Plant operation and production layouts - participation in the definition of plant operation layouts



2 Special management services


2.1 Elaboration of architectural professional s' services including inter alia: the preparation of broad project parameters, project scope statements, project milestones, budget and cash flow forecasts, tender enquiry documentation, contractor and supplier selection, adjudication and tender awards, progress status monitoring, variations management, quality management, communication management, payment processing and final account close outs


2.2 Cost and valuation services - participation in the administration of costs and payments where a quantity surveyor has not been appointed


2.3 Special inspections - more intensive inspections and assessment of the works than the norm to assess compliance with specifications



3 Special studies


3.1 Preparation of the client's brief - assist the client in the preparation of his requirements with regard to the purpose, scope, use of and operation of the project


3.2 Site selection - research the suitability and location of a site for a proposed project


3.3 Feasibility studies - participation in technical and/or economic feasibility studies


3.4 Environmental studies - participation in environmental studies


3.5 Energy analysis studies and planning


3.6 Energy studies - participation in energy studies


3.7 Market surveys - participation in market surveys


3.8 Traffic studies - participation in traffic flow studies



4 Work on existing premises


4.1 Surveys and inspections - inspect, survey, measure and prepare documentation of existing premises, with other consultants as needed


4.2 Restorations and renovations - services in connection with work on existing buildings


4.3 Heritage buildings - services in connection with work on heritage buildings


4.4 Services in connection with demolition permits of existing buildings



5 Other Services


5.1 Participation in litigation and dispute resolution (where a concurrent service is rendered)


5.2 Mutually agreed additional services

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