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We provide many of our clients with a simple tracing exercise converting older 2D microfiche or paper based drawings into digital masters.


This is what might be considered as CAD drafting in its basic form but none the less, accuracy is a very important part of the process.


Taking existing record drawings and using traditional and conventional drafting methods, the existing drawings are completely redrawn in CAD software.


This method should not be confused with raster to vector scanning, both methods have there uses.


These drawings are scaled from the original documents and the results are a cleaner, more accurate and usable electronic CAD file.


Our drafters can convert, redraft hand made sketches, old paper based originals or scanned rough paper drawings to precise and dimensionally accurate CAD drawings according to provided specific requirements.


If custumer has paper drawings of project or building, these can be scanned or photographed and send to us.


We draft by your PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, BMP file format and insert it in a 2D CAD software as reference. After adjustment the image file that serves as reference, it can be traced and redrawn in the CAD software.

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